Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's about time...

Prepare yourselves for quite the update... (I thought i'd give you something to look at in case you were REALLY bored)

So... yes we did go on that cruise and yes it was absolutely AMAZING! Here is just a little glimpse of the most gorgeous beach we've ever been on (and might I add- one of the top ten in the world- or so they say). It was so nice to get away just the two of us again to celebrate 5 years together of "pure wedded bliss." :) Ha ya right...

But in all seriousness it really has been the best 5 years ever and I would never trade them for anything! Love you Derek- thank you for putting up with me and my stubborn personality, that I accidently passed on to our daugher. You really deserve more then a cruise for living with us! :) More pictures to come when I finally have more time to sit down and post more. I've got a lot to catch up on, due to baby's first birthdays, working, moving (twice!), holidays, summertime fun, and sadly the loss of a great friend to cancer.

And yes I did miss this thing more then words can say- especially since she started walking while we were gone! (Technically we could say that she took her first steps before we left, but she really got the walking thing down while we were gone... I can't let myself think about it too much, because BELIEVE me I feel guilty!) Sad thing is that I don't think she missed us a whole lot- gotta love the swing, tramp, and all the attention you get at grandma's house.

First Birthday- May 26th, 2010

I can't believe this thing is already one! Actually she's nearly 14 months! So this picture of her on her birthday is a little outdated.. I know it's cliche but it really has flown by! She is walking, talking/jibber-jabbering ALOT, getting into EVERYTHING (are we surprised), throwing ginormous fits/tantrums, and making us laugh everyday.

We counted it up the other and she says over 80 words and new ones everyday- lately it's been "house, muffin," and of course her latest obsession "babies." This girl is a sponge and tries to repeat everything we say- I know this is probably normal, but you all know how exciting it seems when it's your own kid. One of her favorites during the move was "no, no, no" (while pointing that tiny finger of course). I felt bad, can you tell she was making it hard to pack?

For her birthday we took her on an innocent little trip to the zoo (or so we thought). Note to selves- don't start with the elephant show. It was all going well until they made that loud, trumpeting/shout that elephants make, and then it all went downhill... (Mean daddy laughing... mean mommy taking pictures instead of consoling).

This is just the beginning of what has transitioned to a very deep fear of elephants that we are slowly working on- for a while many pictures or animals that even resembled an elephant brought on this reaction. She didn't end up taking any naps that day because she'd start crying this hard when she was alone, you could tell she was still traumatized and probably has bad elephant dreams from time to time today.

Later on we opened presents, presents,

and more presents.

Enjoying some B-day cake- she hardly made a dent in it! I'll try not to take offense that it was due to my baking skills.

Little party details...

I do think we've made some progress with the elephant though... Since that day, my friend has given her a stuffed pink one that Kambri couldn't stand the sights of. When she'd pick it up she couldn't bare to look it in the eye and would only hold it's tail while rushing over to give to us. Luckily, with a lot of hugging/petting and convincing her that it was "nice," she is slowly making ammends with the elephant. Unfortunately, we confused her some because she now thinks it's name and all elephant's names, for that matter, are "ni" (aka "nice"). Don't try to make a realistic elephant noise or show her one on tv though, because it still causes this reaction.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

3 more weeks!!!

So in 3 weeks exactly Derek and I are off to paradise!!

We're going on a cruise to the eastern carribean for our 5 year anniversary and can't wait! We haven't gone a trip just the two of us since the honeymoon, and after talking about it for so long and saving money from several christmas's, birthday presents, valentines gifts, and anniversary presents- we decided we just needed to do it!

I am, however, extremely nervous about leaving this little thing... so much that I get a lot of anxiety and have to block that part out of mind until we actually go.. It's a good thing we couldn't get all our money back or else I may change my mind- jk!

This is my first cruise (Derek's been on a couple, but not to here), so if anyone has gone here- we're on royal carribean- let us know what the best things to do are! Cause we have no idea- We're going to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, and CoCo Cay.

Also I was wondering any good books people could recommend for the flight. Keep in mind that the only reading, besides mommy and nutrition books, that i've ever really gotten into were the Twilight series... so maybe I need to be consulting with my 15 year old sister- cause I must be at that reading level. Ha Ha :) But really I want to find something else that people find as a must read that you can't put down. So if any of you readers out there have any you recommend let me know... Thanks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

From our little easter bunny....

She loved her basket and everything inside

Especially this little guy- she hasn't put him down since sunday!

We were at Kohls shopping for other stuff and she saw it on the shelf and immediately hugged it oh so tightly that I couldn't not get it for her.... I know I'm in trouble. But seriously she LOVES it- whenever it's around she pats and hugs her and says "ohhhh...."

The only disappointing part was the snow on easter morning! As you can tell from the look on that face, we had been looking forward to playing outside in the sun... It better come soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

9 months and she won't sit still for anything!

That's right.. a little less then 9 months down and 3 to go until this little one is a year old! It's so crazy how fast it goes by (I know everyone says that, but now I really believe it!) She is getting so big and LOVES to move around and get into as much as she can. Some of these other pictures aren't as current, but I couldn't not post them! So here's an update, mostly just for me to remember, of what Kambri is doing at this age.

50th percentile for weight and height at the 9 months check up- so maybe people are right take a real shorty like me and tall guy like derek and hopefully our kids will be somewhere in the middle.

Loves to clap, shake her head, play peek-a-boo, dance, and play! Especially with mom and dad's toys- cell phones, remotes, anything we dont' really want her to have, but I guess that's just how it goes.

Is crawling just about anywhere throughout the whole house and can stand up really good too! This has become her favorite thing to do. She's getting better with the sleeping (thanks to all the advice people gave) but it's still pretty bad at times. I think it's because she would rather be moving around all day and just wont sit still. This picture is ironic, because it's about the only time she's ever just sat quitely for me.

Throws some really good temper tantrums when we prevent her from doing any of the above to the point where she turns bright red, screams, and tries to bite you. She's going to be an awesome teenager to raise- i'm sure.

Is loving her own real food more and more- she's gotten really good at feeding herself, her favorite is cheerios, prunes, squash, carrots, and peas (pretty much all the sick looking ones). Least favorite applesauce, pears, peaches. I thought most babies liked the sweets? hmmm...

And best of all is trying to talk so much! She's gotten very good at "Da Da" and she definately knows who it is because when she hears the garage, door open, or my phone rings she always says it. Derek's pretty proud as you can imagine, especially since the only time she says "Ma Ma" is when she's mad or crying. She also repeats noices we make or things we do- if you blow your nose, she makes a spitting noice. She also makes the panting sound dogs make after we do it.

We went up to Logan so Kambri could visit her pal Abbey and this is about how it went... notice the flower in Abbey's hair...

Oh boy... I guess she's already getting jealous of other girls things... She also kept trying to grab and bite her whenever she was in sight. Hopefully we'll be able to teach her to play nicely in the future and not make other kids cry. She still had fun getting to know her better even though, as derek puts it, she "thought Abbey was her dinner."

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Escape to blue skies

We went down to St. George over Valentines and President's Day weekend (along with everyone else in the valley- it was BUSY). The weather was amazing!

We went to the parade of homes and Derek kept giving Kambri business cards at each house we went to, which she clutched onto ever so tightly the whole day- and didn't even try to devour them!

Went swimming at Grandma's pool...

And she LOVED it!

Went to the park so my little sister could take pictures of the baby for school, so we got a few of our own too..

She was quite intrigued with the texture of the grass...

This is her new, not-so-cute, cheesy smile that she keeps making... We don't know why but she keeps doing it!

Baby and aunt Megan

the smile again... showing off her 2 tiny teeth

Posing for a nerdy family picture-
one of the 3 we even have..

Derek was kinda depressed cause the weather was so good and he didn't end up golfing, so we let him hit the driving range on the way home. We found ways to entertain ourselves with the camera...